Rules & Regulations

Download a PDF of the Rules & Regulations here


  1. The Grant

Pancreatic cancer remains a devastating disease associated with a poor survival prognosis and a significant impairment of the quality of life of patients and their relatives. SAKK and Celgene share a common interest in innovative research for life-changing medication and therapeutic concepts for patients with high unmet medical needs.

SAKK/Celgene’s Life Grant supports planned or ongoing research projects in pancreatic cancer care aiming to improve pancreatic cancer care. This annually recurring grant is endowed with CHF 20’000.– and is announced at the SAKK semi-annual meeting. The grant is advertised in the Schweizer Krebsbulletin, SAKK newsletters and other suitable platforms.

The Life Grant is offered by the SAKK and is founded by an unrestricted grant from Celgene GmbH, Switzerland.


  1. Eligible Projects

Eligible projects are such that aim to reduce the burden of pancreatic cancer for patients and/or their relatives, thereby significantly improving their quality of life.

Aspects under investigation will be directly related to pancreatic cancer care with a special focus on e.g.

  • Treatment approach and methodological aspects
  • Translational projects including pre-clinical and diagnostic research questions aiming at improving pancreatic cancer care
  • Gaps regarding patient care or supply of care
  • Extension of supporting actions
  • Psychological and social aspects
  • Enhancement of interdisciplinary communication and collaboration between oncologists, surgeons, gastroenterologists, nursing staff, patients, relatives, etc.
  • End-of-life support
  • Etc.


Projects shall have a patient care related research character and, for example, may include prospective registries and database research, retrospective analysis, working models, patient care models, new concomitant therapies and/or supportive care, tools to measure the quality of life, etc.

Eligible projects must be conducted in Switzerland, can be planned or ongoing, and might be even a part of a larger research project/trial. In the latter case, the submitted project should be a substantial part of such an overarching research project and focus on a specific aspect.


  1. Eligible Applicants

Practicing Physicians, clinical researchers and professionals in patient care ­institutions or patient societies may apply for the Life Grant. Applicant must have a primary place of research in Switzerland.


  1. Application Process and Timelines

Applications have to be submitted electronically via the webpage Only complete submissions can be considered. Please refer to application page on for all requirements. Briefly, your application has to:

  • be written in English language
  • include project title, rationale, aim of the project and how this improves the quality of life
  • include a detailed description of the project encompassing the project plan, methodology incl. statistical methods (if applicable), timelines/duration of the project, financial plan.


CVs of all applicants have to be included.


The application window opens with the official announcement and will be ­promoted at the semi-annual SAKK meetings.


  1. Jury

The jury acts and decides independently on the proposals and is composed of three individuals:

1) SAKK president, member and chairman of the jury with 1 vote

2) Expert in GI cancer and/or patient care, member of the jury with 1 vote

3) Medical oncologist with expertise in the management of pancreatic cancer, member of the jury with 1 vote


The SAKK president selects the additional jury members for each grant period.

Each jury member has one vote for the evaluation of the project proposal. The winning project is selected based on a consensus process among the jury members. In case consensus cannot be reached, the chairman has the final decision.


  1. Criteria for Project Evaluation

Project proposals will be evaluated only if they are deemed to be eligible and ­feasible. Evaluation is based on the following criteria, each graded from 1 (worst) to 6 (best):

  • Estimated impact on the improvement of pancreatic cancer care
  • Robustness of project and financial plans


  1. Notification of the Winner, Grant Ceremony and Follow-Up

Notification and grant ceremony

All applicant(s) will be notified in writing by the SAKK typically within 6–8 weeks after the application deadline.

The grant winner will be announced at the SAKK semi-annual meeting where he/she will be requested to present a short exposé on the planned research. Further announcements may follow in the Swiss Krebsbulletin, the first SAKK newsletter after the grant ceremony and on this website.



Bank transfer of the grant sum to the grant winner will be accomplished by the SAKK within 2 months after the grant ceremony.



The grant winner has to provide a brief update on the progress or the final results of the project at the next semi-annual SAKK meeting. The winner must further provide a written summary of the project no later than 2 year after the grant ceremony. The written summary is sent to a coordinating person of the SAKK, will be forwarded to the jury president and shall be published by the grant winner. The coordinating person at the SAKK will be nominated before and during the call of the grant.


  1. Contact details

Questions about this grant can be addressed to:

Tanja Brauen
SAKK Coordinating Center
«Life Grant»
Effingerstrasse 33
3008 Bern
Tel +41 31 508 41 79