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Submitting a project is very easy. Please make sure to have read the and to have the following documents ready:

  • Project description in WORD or PDF format
  • CVs of all participants

Deadline for application is Septembre 30, 2019.


I, as the main applicant, am a

This non-retrospective project is

Is the project conducted in Switzerland?

Is this proposal part of a larger research project/trial?

If ‘yes’, the project description incl. budget of the larger research project/trial must be included in your submission

* Please upload your project description (pdf or docx): (MAX. file size: 5 MB)
* Please upload the CVs of all main participants (pdf, docx or zip): (MAX. file size: 1 MB)
Please upload the CVs of all co-participants (pdf, docx or zip): (MAX. file size: 3 MB)

Main applicant contact details (project lead)

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Consent and submission

A submitted project will only be considered for evaluation if

  • it fulfills the requirements according to the rules and regulations of the Life Grant for Research in Pancreatic Cancer Care
  • it fulfills the formal requirements of the project description as outlined under how to apply
  • it includes the CVs of all applicants